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It started as an ironic observation.  When I asked new people in my Pilates classes why they had decided to try Pilates they would always say “My doctor/physiotherapist told me that I need to do Pilates to find my core”. 

The name the Core Factory was a play on words to open a discussion on what the core exactly is, where to find it or how to manufacture it and also an allusion to the etymology of the word ‘core’ itself.

The word core is likely derived from the Latin word ‘cor’ meaning heart and the Old French word cor/Coeur meaning the heart or innermost part of something.

The core is also the part of anything that is central and fundamental to its existence or character.

To me and to the people I teach and work with Pilates, yoga and bodywork are fundamental parts of maintaining and caring for our health and wellbeing.

What we offer

Megan is a fully qualified and insured Holistic Therapist, Polestar Pilates Studio/Rehab instructor and Iyengar Yoga teacher.

She offers a number of treatments to help you relax and sleep better as well as reducing physical pain and discomfort and promoting a feeling of wellness generally.

(NOTE: Lockdown restrictions apply at the current time) Mobile massage treatments are carried out in the sanctuary and comfort of your own home within the Renfrew/Paisley area. Group bookings or corporate wellness on site massage also available. Prices on request.

Yoga and Pilates Classes


Yoga has been described by writer, psychotherapist and yoga teacher Stephen Cope as “probably the world’s most perfect form of exercise”.  Yoga promotes cardiovascular health, musculoskeletal strength and flexibility and assists in balancing all the systems of the body from the respiratory system to the nervous system.  It works towards reducing the toxic effects of stress and can be practiced daily.  At a more subtle level yoga also brings about other changes which are difficult to prove scientifically but are keenly felt nonetheless – increased mental focus and clarity, emotional stability and resilience, a renewed sense of wellbeing.  Currently Megan offers Restorative Yoga classes online via Zoom weekly and small group yoga classes online for corporate clients or families.


Pilates is a movement practice system based on wellness, balance and functional exercise. The key to Pilates is learning how to align body, breath and mind to control the muscles of the body and lead them to harmoniously work together. For public health reasons all current Pilates classes are mat Pilates classes offered online via Zoom.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga  is a form of yoga that uses props including bolsters, pillows, blankets, yoga blocks/bricks and straps to create positions of ease and comfort that facilitate relaxation and health.  This is a practice that is very different from most yoga classes and is suitable for everyone including pregnant women,  people with injuries or restricted movement,  stressed children and teenagers and anyone with a busy or stressful life.  In restorative yoga the poses are adapted to your needs rather than trying to get you to fit into the shape and physical demands of an active yoga pose. People report sleeping better and feeling calmer after attending restorative yoga classes. Other benefits including stabilising blood pressure, improving digestion and elevating your mood.

Holistic and Remedial Therapies and Treatments


Remedial Massage/Manual Therapies

Do you have long term pain and stiffness that can’t be explained medically?  Do you feel better immediately after a massage but find that the effects don’t last?  Megan has trained as a remedial massage therapist and is also  undergoing advanced anatomy training as a physiotherapy Masters student at Glasgow Caledonian University.  Using scientific principles she uses her anatomical knowledge to help deal with chronic pain issues with:

·       Swedish Massage

·       Joint Mobilisation techniques

·       Myofascial and trigger point release

·       PNF/passive stretching

·     Soft tissue release


Holistic Balancing Treatments

Good health involves embracing and seeking wellness not just curing illness. Many massage therapists focus on fixing isolated aches and pains. As a Holistic therapist, Megan will take the time to consult with you before treatment and offer you balancing treatments that are tailored work on all the systems and levels of your body and mind.  These treatments are preventative as well as therapeutic and include:

·     Ayurvedic Massage

·     Diet and Lifestyle advice

·     Personalised Aromatherapy Oil Blends and Massage

·      Reflexology

·      Meditation/Stress Management Techniques


Heat/Thermotherapy Massage Treatment

Hot Stones, Thai Herbal Compress, Warm Bamboo Massage,  Lava Shell Massage, Paraffin Wax Treatments, Ultrasound Therapy. Thermotherapy Massage treatments involve applying either heat or cold (cryotherapy) for the purpose of changing the core temperature of soft tissue which can reduce pain, increase mobility  and improve the symptoms of certain injuries and conditions. Megan uses the following heat sources as part of her therapeutic massage treatments:

·       Paraffin Wax

·       Thai Herbal Compresses

·       Warm Bamboo Sticks

·       Lava Shells

·      Hot Stones

I loved my aromatherapy massage from Megan. Wonderful personal consultation, I really felt she listened to my needs. Thank you! 

TR, Coatbridge

I felt very relaxed during and after the treatment – I didn’t want it to stop! Megan is a very caring, professional and lovely therapist! 

Kim Kerr, Paisley

Megan uses intuition, intellect and skill doing the treatments and she does not miss a bit.

Jaana Martin, Newton Mearns


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